Coloring Pages

We are thrilled to offer two coloring pages for free download to be used in your community. These coloring pages are helpful for teaching general animal empathy. For many children, animal empathy is a learned trait and not an innate one. If your parents and community see dogs and cats as a nuisance without feelings, it's would not be uncommon for you to grow up feeling the same way.

If you're teaching lessons on animal empathy already, these coloring pages will be a perfect supplement. If you're not, try asking children a few questions: what do YOU need to be happy and healthy? Once they have a list, ask them what they think a dog or cat needs to be happy or healthy. Quickly, they should see their lists are not all that different. Follow up with these coloring pages to help reinforce that message.

Note that these pages are developed for communities where street animal populations are significant.


Current languages available for download: 

  • English