Melissa SAVAGE

President & Founder

Melissa is a data guru and photographer based in Los Angeles, California with her three smushed-faced dogs. She's been passionate about dogs since she was a kid, and as a teenager fell in love with traveling and photography. While traveling, she found herself naturally gravitating to photographing the local dogs rather than the local scenery, and the idea behind Street Mutts was born.

It wasn't until she connected Melanie Gilbert, a long time "internet friend" from a pet forum, that she fully realized the project and was able to connect the ideas of photography with education. Melissa is attended Pepperdine University where she graduated with a Master of Business Administration with honors in 2017.



Vice President & Co-Founder

Melanie lives in San Francisco, CA with her husband, horse, and two dogs (plus an occasional foster). Like Melissa, her love of dogs blossomed from an early age. An avid traveler, Melanie had always gravitated towards the street dogs she met, but it was during a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal that she recognized an opportunity, through her M.Ed. degree program in Youth and Family Education, to create a long-term, positive change in the lives of these animals. She focused her Master’s degree on creating educational programming for youth focusing on humane treatment of animals, population control, and rabies prevention.

Street Mutts was born when Melanie and Melissa combined their passion and strengths, allowing them to spread their message to a larger audience and ultimately better the lives of dogs around the world.